We ask that all registrants to comply with the current CDC Guidelines and other directives from the Governor of their respective state in participating and completing their virtual event. Our strong advice is to “RUN ALONE” or with your immediate family members. We all need to do our part to “stop the spread”. Be safe and do your part.

Here are some ways to be safe and still get your race completed:

RUN ALONE! We’ll have plenty of opportunities to run in groups when this is all over. If you do run with a partner maintain 6 feet or more distance at all times.

Use common sense about where you run and when you run. Going to run in a busy park on a nice Saturday morning probably isn’t your best choice. You may need to change up when you run and where you run.

Vary your routes. This is a great opportunity to switch things up, just be sure that you are running in a safe area with wide paths, roadway or trails.

Be aware of your surroundings. We are all vying for some of the same space when we are out exercising. Be courteous of others and provide plenty of room when you pass.

Consider more workouts from home. Lots of great things are happening with technology, online classes and exercise instruction.